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Paper - plastic packaging machine

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BHB-350B 轉盤式半自動紙塑包裝機

Product Details

BHB-350B Turntable Type Semi-automatic Paper Plastic Packaging Machine
It Is suitable for packaging with Paper card and Plastic blister in the industrial of stationery, small hardware, medical equipment, toys, battery, electronic products, automobile and motorcycle fittings, commodity, cosmetic, rubber products, dinnerware, and kitchenware. For example, the medicine injection,syringe, toy car, flashlight, spark plugs, toothbrush, lipstick, facial mask, chopstick, shaver, scissors, hooks, cleaning balls, bottle openers, correction fluid,ball pen/pencil, sharpener, etc.
It is especially suitable for the company who has various types of products, and the production capacity is not high, needs to change the molds frequently.
Main Performance Characteristics
 This is a rotary heat sealing machine independent, with automatic suction blister (optional),decentralization of products (optional), suction card, automatic sealing, finished feeding and other functions;
 No foam shell molding, no punching device, so that the replacement of the mold more convenient and efficient, and more cost savings;
 Fully automatic, can help save labor;
 Low noise, high quality;
Schematic diagram
1、Product display area 2、Blister placement 3、Paperboard Placing 4、Heat Sealing 5、Output 6、Finished product transportation

Main Technical Parameters
Production Frequency 10-25 times/min
Maximum heat sealing area 350 x 200mm
Sealing and Heating Power 3.5KW
Total Power 380V 50HZ(480V 50HZ)6KW
Air Pump Volume Flow ≥0.6m3/min
Packing Materials Paperboard ≤350×200×O.5mm (LxWxH)
Overall Dimensions 2200×2500×l820mm (LxWxH)
Weight 800Kg

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