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BYSL-470D/570D 全自動雙面拉伸膜真空包裝機

Product Details

BYSL-470D/570D Automatic Double-sided Aluminum Menbrane Packing Machine
With an experience of more than ten years in making the vacuum packing machinery, now the latest research and development with high-precision machine have come into the world. This machine brought a huge reform for the snack food industry. It could save the human resource, reduce defective percentage,it's more health, efficient and make package outlook more beautiful. Is the long-term development of the modern food packing manufacturer of essential equipment.
Main Performance Characteristics
 Quaduangle can cut corners circular arc, on both side can cut apart.
 Aluminum film stretching no crack, aluminum film stretching up and down.
 Double photoelectric for version tracking.
 Use the famous brand such as Mitsubishi, Siemens control system, the operation more convenient.
 With Germany Busch vacuum pump, vacuum degree is high, stable quality, durable and reliable.
 Within slitter edge recycling system, maintain environmental health.
Schematic diagram

Main Technical Parameters
Mould BYSL-470D/BYSH-4708
Width of upper film 445mm
Width of lower film 470mm
Vacuum degree ≤200Pa
Compressed air ≥0.6MPa
Cooling water ≥0.15MPa
Power 380V50HZ
Machine weight 2050Kg
Outlook size 6800 x 1200 x 1900mm

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